One of everyone’s favourite writers, Zadie Smith, has said in the Vanity Fair’s “Proust Questionnaire” that her motto is to “regret everything and always live in the past”. I hear it so hard, sis/bro. The mistakes-are-actually-experiences approach to life may well be the healthy one, and while it is possible that mistakes can shape you and contribute to your life’s journey, I am certain that my life would be much richer without the unfortunate and downright degraded choices I had made. By “choices” I mean sartorial (lime green suits, with a lime-green handbag to match), health (“social” smoking and heavy drinking), education (I received a second degree only because I didn’t find use for the first one), family (still not sure how my parents put up with my strops and didn't disown me), friends (none of them were nerds, a lot were enablers, some were homophobes), exes (save a couple, just ew - next) and career (I have lived and partied off my family’s money, building nothing of my own). I have also tried wearing a beret – I regret this the most.

While I love to idly daydream about wrinkling in time and erasing all of the above (and more), it’ll be a more productive use of hours if I honour and publically record all of my regrets (and more) on my laptop, for talking and getting into everybody's business remain my most professional skills. Enter Regret Everything Dot Com – the somewhat communist-looking platform for me to pecker on about pop-culture, art, life, gossip, maybe men, definitely women, and other stuff. Also, since I haven’t done a day’s worth of paid work in years, I am obsessed with the work of others, which is how I will get to write about the hardest worker of them all, our Saviour Queen Bey.

Should you find that the site is lacking clear direction, I bet you are right – but hopefully, with time, I will find a way to weave a tangible thread in there somewhere.

Thank you for visiting, you are a star!