8 Dec 2017

Does it feel special that the world’s biggest boy band of the moment is from Korea? It feels extra f-cking special to me. I am from the Far East of Russia, I have visited Seoul a few times, my family and I will always be partial to South Korea, but I am sure it’s not my subjectivity that has led me to abandon all of my previous crushes and dedicate myself with vigour to the men-boys behind BTS. I guess the American Music Awards knew what they were doing when they invited the band to perform but what they didn’t know was that, in addition to all these American girls losing their sh-t and singing along in Korean (!), I would be past help within the first two minutes of the band’s presence on stage. Seriously, a single viewing of this video was all it took for me and Sofia to join the fan A.R.M.Y. (I've signed my parents up, too) and dedicate an entire week (life!) to BTS’s uninterrupted videography rotation. We haven’t stopped and I have also bought two of their albums and my bus rides are another level of experience now.

V is the one, non? I haven’t devoted all of my time to the A.R.M.Y., I shamefully admit, like, I haven’t looked up how old any of them are, but I have watched enough youtube to decide that I am Team V. When the boys hit up London Town, it is V’s merch I will be rocking. Speaking of touring, I have looked it up and there isn’t any information about that, which makes me worry that touring Europe might not be in the plans at all? I will die. I will go into deep-ass debt and fly myself to America if that’s what it takes to see them live. And if I can’t afford two tickets, then Sofia will have stay put and definitely no regrets! By then, hopefully, I will have mastered all of the band's choreography, which, come on, is some Beyonce level of precision!