12 Jan 2018

I don’t care about being three weeks too late to start looking back at the best videos of 2017 because when the time was right I hadn’t thought of it, ok? I am not one for introspection but I realise now that it is something that makes sense on a blog, especially considering how hopelessly in love I am with Russian music business. Admittedly not all artists’ produced work is of a standard, but I still get indescribable amount of joy from watching nothing but the Russian music channel whenever I am home in Moscow. Even when the videos are sh-t, they are gloriously sh-t. And, I don’t know, maybe the communist past in me will die only when I die, but the shielding and the deprivation from individuality and self-expression during my young, formative years must have left a mark or something, for great music visuals never fail to make me what I can only describe as giddy. Almost like a single video is representative of everything that is correct with Russia.

Like this Burito’s one for his Mega Hit, or as I'm going to call it: A Banger haha. Whatever it is about this that attracts and draws me in I can’t put my finger on it, honestly, it may well be the eggs bouncing off a shockingly perky ass, or the colours (I am a sucker for neon), or the clever editing of repetitions – no matter, because the final result is both hilarious and magnetic. This video has not made it to the top 5 of 2017’s 50 best ones but it is my personal favourite, which, in addition to its own awesomeness, has stood my test of time – no easy feat because I am so fickle.

By the way, it was only for this post that I have finally googled what a burrito is, all these years I’d been under the impression that it’s either cheese or bread and since I wouldn’t eat neither there wasn’t going to bother myself with finding out for sure. Well f-ck me, burrito isn’t cheese, isn’t bread, it’s actually a Mexican dish of corn bread with stuffing. Good to know.