In isolation, and specifically outside the untouchable “Step Up” movie, Channing Tatum doesn’t do much for me – fair, beefy, a little too… bland? Because every day I surround myself with pop-culture's current affairs, however, no celebrity gets to be “isolated” – everyone is connected and is in relation to either one another or the pop-universe at large. The point is, I like to be selective about my crushes, otherwise, due to the intense nature of my tortured soul, the number of infatuations would overwhelm and drown me. Self-preservation is real.

Cool-story-bro, Channing Tatum has won if not all of my soul then whatever part had been left unoccupied. His behaviour, his interviews, what others say about him – he is just NICE: no graces, out of his own ass (a rarity in general, amplified, I am guessing, in Hollywood). He doesn’t seem to be above what got him to his current position, which initially was stripping and definitely not his acting skills. He is now one of the most in-demand, powerful players in the world of acting and producing, directors keep casting him despite his lack of drama education and actors want to work in the films he makes. More importantly, I myself fail to resist him. I did try. (Side note: I watched Magic Mike XXL seven times on the big screen when it just came out, whether it was down to Channing or any of the other dudes in it, I am unable able to tell. That movie was just so flawless (if you don’t count Amber Heard) and felt so feminist I myself couldn’t feel more feminist if I tried.)

Let’s spend this weekend in the loop of this video of Channing Tatum replacing Jimmy Kimmel at hosting The Late Night... He KNOWS people think he’s dumb, he knows people always see him as a dancer despite his impressive achievements, and he pretends he's not fine with it, until he's FINE with it. I crack up every time I hear Ellen say “I invented dance”.

Have a nice weekend,