19 Jan 2018

Do you have Tidal? I don’t have Tidal for the same reason I don’t have, say, Spotify: I can’t be bothered with yet another subscription on top of all the other subscriptions (running this site included) – they eventually accumulate in expenditure, plus I can’t process a technology overkill. What I am saying is, when it comes to Tidal – Jay Z’s musical service app – the FOMO is felt extra acutely since there’s always a chance Jay Z’s wife – the Beyoncé – will release her work for the Tidal’s subscribers and I will be so f-cked. I will have to sign up then, won’t I?

Anyway, after its initial release on Tidal, the Family Feud video for Jay Z’s song off his 44:44 is now out on Vevo for a Tidal-less pleb like me to watch. And watch I have. This is not so much a simple music video as it is a tiny, 8-min long film about, well, I had to go through it a few times to understand that it’s about Blue Ivy Carter saving the world? Oh yes, the world in 2050 is beautifully diverse and female, I’ll get this out of the way first, the women at the table are passionately discussing the second amendment aka gun control. But can you see who is presiding? The woman in the feather boa (played by Susan Kelechi Watson) is the girl in the feather boa we see a few seconds earlier in a pew. “Like my father said: Nobody wins when the family feuds” is a nod to Jay Z’s song that this video is for. Obviously, I love this mind tricking beyond words.

So I guess the Carters have decided what their heir is going to have to be. Do you think they will accept anything less than “the ruler of the world” when 2050 does roll in?

And can I just say that although I am disappointed how little the Saviour Beyoncé’s part in this mini movie is, I can appreciate that she’s playing a being who is receiving a confession. She is confirming that she is indeed The Lord and what have I been telling you?