29 Dec 2017

I had an entirely different idea for a post today, it was shaping up to be a regular light Friday, nothing too festive, even though my excitement for the celebrations is exploding through my head right now. If you have noticed, I have not mentioned Christmas jollity that much and that would be because I am Russian and for the longest time the Russian people only knew one God: one who walked and looked like Lenin or Stalin (ok, two Gods). The biggest celebration of the year for us is the New Year’s Eve: the families, the presents, Father Frost with a cotton beard and f-ckload of food. Plus, the Russian Orthodox Christmas is not until the 6th of January. Which totally makes me that asshole who shouts “Happy holidays!” instead of “Merry Christmas”.

Anyway, back to my post. Ms Tina Knowles came through with her Insta video and made my Friday as festive as it can ever get. And appropriately religious, too, since Saviour Beyonce is the only God I recognise. Here she is, with a bunch of people, including her husband Jay Z (pronounced Zee for those whose English is a second language), doing the electric slide (I won’t pretend to be anything but a white Russian woman and admit that I don’t know the difference between other types of shuffle) like holy sh-t I am electric-sliding into the New Year in a pair of slick white booties, feeling so much joy and hope and love!

I hope you all do, too. Please make sure you don’t leave anyone by themselves this weekend, wrap yourselves with warmth and hugs, and if you must drink absinthe do it carefully.

Later – in 2018!