24 NOV 2017

Greta Gerwig, whom I’ve for the longest time dismissed as a noticable Hollywood figure because she didn’t seem to bring to the cinematic table anything that Chloe Sevigny hadn’t already brought, is going right after me with her first ever writing/directing feature Lady Bird. Yes, I absolutely am aware that Timotheé Chalamet, aka Elio, aka “the light of my eyes” for the next few months, is in it and appears in the trailer at the 38 second mark, for exactly one second, if you want to freeze-frame that like I did, but, surprisingly, he is not the only appeal that makes it my must-watch. Saoirse Ronan (with my Russian accent, it is futile to try pronouncing her beautiful Irish name the way it should sound) is always so raw and vulnerable to watch, I love her. Also, hello, isn’t this my relationship with mum being played out in the trailer?

Apparently, the whatever screenings that Lady Bird has already had have given the film all the word of mouth about how great it is. It’s only coming out in London in February, which is a long f-cking wait, but I presume it’ll hit the cinemas in the US in good time to be considered as an Oscars contender. Oh hey, speaking of movie writers/directors who have received an Oscar for their first feature: they have all been men. Guess I won’t be holding my breath for GG, not because I don’t believe she’s created something great, but because, you know…