There is no way for me to know what a Russian pop song would sound like to anyone outside of the Eastern European heritage. I remember that when I was just learning English, it didn’t matter to me that I could make out absolutely nothing when I obsessed over MTV. Besides, where else would you learn what Russian music business have to offer? Nowhere. Thank me later. Schedule-wise, Friday is a tight-for-time day because my daughter Sofia’s school finishes an hour earlier than usual, after which it’s an intense swimming lesson/homework/art project cycle. I hate it. Which is why I want Friday posts to stay light, both on content and sentiment.

Maybe because I can’t dance for sh-t, or because my sister is a dancer and I love seeing her shake her angel-like ass, I have watched this Monatik’s Vitamin D video uncountable times. The sea, the sweat, the dresses, the hair curls at the sides of mouths, the half-naked torsos – what’s not to admire? Or maybe because I haven’t been f-cked real good in a while, the sheer amount of sex act simulation is making me not only fantasise about diving into that pool of grinding hot-looking humans but to reconsider my stance on casual sex. We all see what it is an homage to, right? Dirty Dancing? Only the best dance movie made in the universe? I LOVE that movie! I hope this video, with the female dancer’s exceptional dresses, paired with the male dancers’ exceptional abs, paired (tripled?) with everyone literally pulsating to the strong-ass beat, inspires and takes you into the weekend full of, um, sensual (and consensual) encounters and experiences.