17 NOV 2017.

Millennial pink is the phenomenon that’s not only been having the longest-ass moment but the one I personally hold a vendetta against. Girls who wear pink and boys who wear blue (the strict b-llocks the “culture” has been force-feeding people since 1957, apparently) destroy my soul and they don’t even care. It is possible that my rebellion and personal moral quest against this rigid stupidity have blinded me but they have also come back to bite me in the ass. Because millennial pink is growing on me, and although I would never put Sofia, my daughter, in a pink princess dress, I can no longer deny how stylish the colour can appear when done right. Exhibit A: Queen of Style Riri has been pulling off pink for decades, nuff said.

Exhibit B is in the youtubean form of Elena Temnikova’s video Inhale. The lyrics, when you don’t speak Russian, are unimportant in proving the point. It’s like the visuals have been stripped down to only bleaked-out whites, blues (the denim matches the singer’s eye colour, was that on purpose?) and the greys of a school gym floor to allow for the sh-tload of pink slime to roll in (seep in?), like a boss, with an unapologetically striking effect. The initial bareness of the palette lets the sheer mass of a contrasting shade do most of the work on seducing our retinas. Everything looks exposed and vulnerable, until it doesn’t. It’s not the first time this video director, Alan Badoev, has (successfully?) played with the millennial pink trend/obsession, I think he is the trend’s number one stan.