05 Jan 2018

Have you watched The Last Jedi yet? Chances are you bloody have and no, I have not, because films in Russia are all dubbed, aka butchered, and I hate watching any film in non-original state. How do you reconcile yourself with the fake voice-overs? It makes me want to strangle whoever thought that bubbing is an option. Give me subtitles, I can read, you know?

I only broke my Star Wars virginity last year, I sat and watched the original trilogy in preparation for The Force Awakens, which I think was quite cute of me. Speaking of cute, hello Oscar Isaac, hello John Boyega. In the case of Oscar, it’s more like welcome back into my life, because I had been on the Oscar wagon for a decade, since seeing him in 10 Years (so re-watching it tonight). John Boyega is definitely a more recent, Star-Wars-assisted, addition to the men with potential for driving my obsession. Although I had given his Attack The Block an honest attempt, it is about monsters or some sh-t and I do not do horror, I don’t understand it, I am petrified of it, I don’t consider watching through the sliver between my fingers for two hours an enjoyable process. Even if somebody was holding my hand, I wouldn’t watch a horror film.

Bottom line is, I am hot for both, and here they are, teaming up against the Dark Side with a read of Buzzfeed's Thirsty Tweets dedicated to them. I have watched this many, many times and I will watch it many times again today, at least that is the plan. Can we agree that while Oscar Isaac is broody, John Boyega is f-cking SHARP?