22 Dec 2017

I am too lazy too google whether there’s been any promotion for the film Wonder because if there has been then it can’t have been much – my fingers are on the keyboard pulse at all times and the only thing I’d heard about Wonder was that it had been pushed from the dumpster season of spring-releases to now, late Autumn-early Winter – a more box-office friendly slot which implies expectation and awards possibility. So I heard that AND that Julia Roberts is in it, but again, without Julia’s visibility on the promotional circuit.

I guess it must have been word of mouth? (Man, will Regreteverything ever get its word of mouth moment? Lol. No.) And I want to do my part, I feel obliged to do my part, to let you know how incredible this film is, how uplifting, how generous and heartwarming. It’s not a holidays film, but it might as well be: it will lift you up, put you on a cloud of star dust and everything that occasionally is right with humanity and keep there, digging deep within your soul for beauty and kindness.

I have a friend who has flat-out refused to go see it based on assumption that she will find the plot of a kid with facial issues being bullied difficult to stomach. Please, let this neither mislead nor stop you. This is a film about bravery, friendship, parenthood and the strength of a human soul in every reality possible. It will build you up to your highest highs. Plus, JULIA ROBERTS. (And Jacob Tremblay, whom I had not recognised due to the facial make-up but now that I know that it’s the kid from The Room, omg, what IS this prodigy???)

And not until last night did I realise that Wonder exists in book from, written by Raquel Jaramillo, but I have spent this month’s Audible credit on it this morning and Sofia and I will start listening to it as soon as the holidays are over. I can’t wait.